Disney Music Magic

Conductor: Stephen Razo

March 2, 2017

Moreno Valley Conference Center

Be our guest! Be our Guest! Take a supercalifragilistic carpet ride through some of your favorite Disney scores of all time. Music from early classics to recent releases take you on a musical journey to far off places where the stories, tales and myths of many cultures have originated. A program to delight kids of all ages...including you!

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A Note from Dr. Rob...

Freeze, Froze, Frozen

Disney Animated Movies, Disney Movie Music, and Disney Big Bucks--- in the case of the 2013 “highest grossing animated film of all time”, FROZEN, big bucks to the tune of $1.3 Billion in world-wide receipts!
And all that from an adaptation of a rather dark tale by Danish author Hans Christian Andersen, The Snow Queen, which, according to what I’ve read, does not “translate easily into a film.” But more on that below:
Obviously those at Disney Animation Studios weren’t too worried about the darker side of the tale, and they can now boast about the two Oscars and a Golden Globe Award along with ten other awards for film, soundtrack and original song-“Let It Go”.
The Disney film centers on the relationship of two orphaned princesses, one of whom has some magical powers which she uses against her sister and her world at large, sometimes intentionally, sometimes not…thus the plot turns!
Thematically FROZEN presents the universal struggle between good and evil as does the Andersen tale which is about evil trolls with a magic mirror that distorts the world and magnifies the “bad and the ugly”.
The head troll, known as the “Devil” in the original, takes the mirror to Heaven so as to belittle the angels and God. As you might guess, this ill-conceived act did not work out exactly as planned---the bad guys and their mirror were sent crashing back to earth to be shattered into “billions” of pieces. There is nothing like that in the film. It is a Disney movie after all.
As for the sister princesses, the older one, the Snow Queen, (who has cryokinetic powers-ergo the Disney title) freezes things somewhat willy-nilly; including her younger sister’s heart.
But, of course, in the end all is well, romance blossoms, and there is peace in the kingdom.
Like I said: “It is a Disney movie after all!”
A final add:
Andersen published The Snow Queen in 1844, four years after meeting and falling in love with the renowned Swedish opera singer Jenny Lind. Lind was having none of that and spurned Hans’ romantic overtures; she was rewarded by having the icy-hearted Snow Queen modeled after her-----or so I’ve read!
Enjoy the concert---there is plenty of great music!

2017 By R. J. Robinson, PhD All rights reserved

Robert Robinson brings his insightful viewpoints to our webpage after having served five years as our concert master of ceremonies. “Dr. Rob” will highlight a particular number programmed for each concert that ensures we don’t miss his educational and entertaining teachings! Enjoy and see you at our next performance!

Sponsored by Wayne and Sandra Henderson

Disney at the Oscars

arr. John Moss
Sponsored by Lindsay Robinson

Mary Poppins

Sherman and Sherman

arr. Alfred Reed

Sponsored by Jane Doetsch


Alan Menken

arr. John Moss

March of the Toys

from Babes in Toyland

Victor Herbert

trans. McAlister


Sponsored by Michael and Georgia Brown

The Lion King - Soundtrack Highlights

Hans Zimmer/Elton John

arr. Calvin Custer

Sponsored by The Bruneau family

Pirates of the Caribbean - Symphonic Suite

Klaus Bedelt

arr. John Wasson

Sponsored by George & Charlotte Groty

Beauty and the Beast - Highlights

Alan Menken

arr. John Moss

Sponsored by Ruthann Jones

Frozen - Symphonic Highlights


arr. Stephen Bulla