An Evening with John Williams

Conductor: Stephen Razo

March 3, 2016

Moreno Valley Conference Center

We take you on a heart-pounding adventure through the iconic music of John Williams. His music has captivated generations, both young and old, exploring the depths of our imaginations and the far reaches of outer space. Come enjoy with us an evening of some of Williams’ most famous scores with family and friends!

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A Note from Dr. Rob...

Notes on Dartmoor, 1912
There are two arcs to this story: On the one hand we have part of the John William’s score for the 2011 movie, War Horse; and on the other, the reference of the title of that piece to an actual place --- which begs an explanation.
War Horse is an American film drama directed by Steven Spielberg adapted from Michael Morpurgo's 1982 children's novel of the same name set before and during the First World War.
In 1912, a teenage boy from Devon, England, witnesses the birth of a thoroughbred foal and subsequently watches with admiration the growth of the young horse. Much to the dismay of his mother, his father buys the colt at auction despite their needing a more suitable plough horse for their farm work.
Of course, if the hero of the story is a horse, then surely it will learn to pull a plow; and under the devoted guidance of the boy it does. Yet as fate would have it, the farm’s crops are destroyed by bad weather and the horse is sold to the army in order to pay the rent: a decision which it is believed will result in certain death for the horse as World War One has begun.
As the film follows the travails of the horse’s life in the army, we see it first captured by the Germans, freed when his captors are killed; adopted by an orphaned French girl, re-taken by the German Army, then returned to the British Army by a coin toss in “No Man’s Land” where the horse had become entangled in barbed wire and both a British and A German soldier had come to its rescue.
In the end, the horse is reunited with his original owner; but you might have guessed that; it is a children’s story after all!
As to the music’s title: Dartmoor (Now Dartmoor National Park) is a moorland in Devon County in the southwest of England. It is unique for its many exposed granite hilltops known as tors. The entire area is rich in antiquities and archaeology. Dartmoor, in fact, contains the largest concentration of Bronze Age remains in the United Kingdom.
But Dartmoor is also known for its myths and legends. It is reputedly the haunt of pixies, a headless horseman, a mysterious pack of "spectral hounds", and a large black dog, among others…and, yes, Dartmoor is the setting of Arthur Conan Doyle’s Hound of the Baskervilles.
William’s music captures Dartmoor as only he can; if you let it, this piece will take you on a most pleasant journey to the mysterious moors of Devon.

2016 By R. J. Robinson, PhD All rights reserved

Robert Robinson brings his insightful viewpoints to our webpage after having served five years as our concert master of ceremonies. “Dr. Rob” will highlight a particular number programmed for each concert that ensures we don’t miss his educational and entertaining teachings! Enjoy and see you at our next performance!

Sponsored by Tonda and Dale Moore

A Young Persons Guide to John Williams

arr. Jay Bocock
Soaring with John Williams
arr. Robert W. Smith
Sponsored by Ruthann Jones

Catch Me if You Can

Alto Sax soloist - Susan Olsen

arr. Jay Bocock
Sponsored by Judith Brown

Summon the Heroes

100th Anniversary of the Olympics

arr. Paul Lavender


Sponsored by Marybeth & Byron Myers

John Williams:  Four Symphonic Themes

arr. Paul Lavender
Chillers and Thrillers

Themes of Suspense by John Williams

arr. John Moss
Sponsored by George & Charlotte Groty

Dartmoor, 1912 - from "War Horse"

arr. Jay Bocock
Sponsored by George & Vicki Price

Star Wars - The Marches

arr. Jerry Brubaker