American Salute

Conductor: Stephen Razo

June 9, 2016

Moreno Valley Conference Center

"Our annual salute to the red, white and blue with all your patriotic favorites! A true flag-waver performance featuring our endless parade of firecracker musicians dazzling you all the way down to the tips of your star-spangled toes! Uncle Sam will be proud!"

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A Note from Dr. Rob...

John Phillip Sousa and George Washington
John Phillip Sousa, America’s “March King” was actually born in Washington, D.C. a mere seven years before the start of the “War Between the States”. While that conflict was raging, Sousa’s father, a member of the U.S. Marine band, signed young John up as an apprentice musician. So it is not so hard to understand how he became the premiere composer of American military marches…including the National March of the United States, The Stars and Stripes Forever, and the official march of the U. S. Marines, Semper Fidelis.
As to George Washington, “Father of the Country”, Commander in Chief of the Continental Army during the “War for Independence”, AND first President…well, what more is there to say? Perhaps these tidbits:
Chopping down the cherry tree: there is NO actual corroboration of such an event. Wooden false teeth? Nope. But he did have some made of elephant and hippo ivory and it is suspected that one set of teeth was contributed by numerous of his Virginia plantation slaves. (You knew he was a slave owner, right?).
Still, he was as greatly admired and trusted in his day as he is in ours. After all, we have a national day off from work named for him! But what’s Sousa got to do with this?
On the 200th anniversary of George’s birth, a Bicentennial Commission held a gala celebration. The climax of the celebration was a ceremony at the Capitol Plaza on February 22, 1932, for which Sousa composed the George Washington Bicentennial March and for which he conducted the combined bands of the U.S. Army, Navy, and Marine Corps.
Inexplicably, Sousa died just thirteen days after the premiere performance of the march; and this has led to the legend of “Washington’s Curse” which is visited on anyone who conducts the march!
OK, just kidding; Captain Razo will be just fine after the June Concert.
By the way, this inventive march is considered one of Sousa's finest accomplishments. You’ll be tapping your feet !

2016 By R. J. Robinson, PhD All rights reserved

Robert Robinson brings his insightful viewpoints to our webpage after having served five years as our concert master of ceremonies. “Dr. Rob” will highlight a particular number programmed for each concert that ensures we don’t miss his educational and entertaining teachings! Enjoy and see you at our next performance!

Seventy Six Trombones
Meredith Wilson

arr. Warren Barker

Armed Forces Salute
arr. Bob Lowden
arr. Frank Ticheli
Sponsored by Robert and Keri Then

Gershwin by George!

George Gershwin

arr. Jerry Brubaker

George Washington Bicentennial March
John Philip Sousa


Previously sponsored by Charles Melber

American Pageant

Thomas Knox
Sunrise at Angel's Gate
Philip Sparke
Dances from West Side Story
Leonard Bernstein

trans. Ian Polster

Previously sponsored by the Bruneau family

Star Spangled Salute

To the Music of George M. Cohan

arr. James Barnes