Conductor: Stephen Razo

April 24, 2014

Moreno Valley Conference Center


Float down a lazy river with Huckleberry Finn. Feel your soul moved by a spiritual. Listen as we musically paint a Norman Rockwell masterpiece. We salute American Jazz through the genius of Sammy Nestico. Don’t miss our musical picture of what makes us proud to be an American!


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An American in Paris
George Gershwin

arr. Jerry Brubaker

Huckleberry Finn Suite

1.  A Lazy Town

2.  Jim

3.  The King and the Duke

4.  Huckleberry's Rag

Franco Cesarini
A Salute to American Jazz
arr. Sammy Nestico
Symphonic Songs for Band

1.  Serenade

2.  Spiritual

3.  Celebration

Robert Russell Bennett
Simple Gift:  Four Shaker Songs

1.  In Yonder Valley

2.  Dance

3.  Hear, Take This Lovely Flower

4.  Simple Gifts

Frank Ticheli
Norman Rockwell Suite

1.  The Marriage License

2.  Shuffleton's Barbershop

3.  Christmas Homecoming

Hayato Hirose